Creating an Image Map

You can use the Hyperlink component to create an image map. This method does not require that you slice the image. Instead, you upload the entire image and use a separate Hyperlink component for each clickable area.

Add the Background Image

  1. Drag the image from your desktop and drop it on the canvas.
    • The image will be uploaded and placed on the canvas.
  2. Right-click the image and choose Lock Position from the context menu.
    • This will make it easier to place other components on top of the image.

Add Hyperlinks

Repeat these steps for each “clickable area” of the image:

  1. Drag a hyperlink component from the Palette and drop it on top of a “clickable area” of the image.
  2. Resize the hyperlink to cover the entire clickable area.
  3. Right-click the hyperlink and choose Remove Styles from the context menu to quickly clear its appearance settings.
  4. Double-click the hyperlink and clear the text inside.
    • Clearing the text and appearance settings makes the hyperlink invisible, but it can still be clicked.
  5. In the Inspector, enter a URL into the Link To property, right below On Click in the Actions section.