Restricting Access

By default, ProtoShare for JIRA is enabled for all of your projects. This means that the ProtoShare Designs panel will appear on all of your projects’ issue detail views. You may restrict access to ProtoShare for specific projects using one of the follow techniques:

JIRA OnDemand

To restrict access to the ProtoShare for JIRA add-on for a specific project, you must first open the Project administration screen from the settings menu in the upper right.

Next, open the project administration screen for the project you wish to restrict access to. Click the new “ProtoShare Settings” option in the left-hand sidebar to open the ProtoShare settings panel for the current project.

Un-check the “Enabled” box on the settings panel in order to remove access to ProtoShare for the current project. Note that this will simply prevent the ProtoShare designs panel from appearing for the project. If you have already created ProtoShare designs, they will remain in the project as HTML file attachments.

JIRA Stand-Alone

To restrict access to the ProtoShare for JIRA add-on you will need to create a special Project Role, and add users to that role on a per-project basis. Once this role is created, the ProtoShare Designs panel will be completely hidden from users who are not added to the role.

To restrict access to the ProtoShare for JIRA add-on, follow these steps:

1. Make sure that you have administrator access, and then open the User Management screen from the Administration menu.


2. Click on the Roles sub-navigation on the left hand nav bar.


3. Add a new project role named “ProtoShare”. This name is case sensitive and must match exactly. The description can be modified however you like.


4. The list of Project Roles should look something like below. You can now choose Manage Default Members to select specific users who will be able to access the ProtoShare add-on by default, across all of your projects.


5. If you would prefer to restrict access on a per-project basis, click the Projects link and choose a specific project to configure.


6. Once you have chosen a project, click the Roles link on the left-hand navigation bar to show the role configuration for that project.


7. Click the role named “ProtoShare” in the listing, and then add specific users or groups to the role by typing their names.