Deleting a Design

1. To delete a design, click the Delete buttonĀ that appears when hovering on a design preview. This action will delete all versions of a design and is permanent. Note: You will not see this button if your user profile lacks the “Delete All Attachments” permission for the project. Please contact your JIRA administrator if you need this capability.


2. After clicking the Delete button you will be asked to confirm the operation in order to prevent accidental data loss.


3. The design is removed from the ProtoShare Designs panel, along with all revisions of the design.

4. If you would like to delete only a single version of a design, and not the entire design history, you must use the JIRA attachment manager to do so. To do this, click on the small delete icon on the right hand side of an attachment file. This icon will only appear if you are the owner of the design file or you have been granted the Delete All Attachments permission for the current project.