Configuring Permissions

ProtoShare for JIRA uses JIRA’s built-in file attachment system to store designs and link them to issues. To use the ProtoShare add-on you must therefore have attachments enabled and configure your projects’ attachment permissions appropriately.

For more information on configuring project permissions please refer to theĀ JIRA Documentation. Below is a table showing the JIRA permission required for each function of the ProtoShare add-on:

ProtoShare Function Required JIRA Permission
View Design View Issue
Create Design Create Attachment
Edit Design Create Attachment
Restore Revision Create Attachment
Delete Design *Delete All Attachments

*NOTE: The “Delete All Attachments” permission is currently required to delete a ProtoShare design because it will delete a design and all of its revisions simultaneously, each of which may be owned by different JIRA users. For moreĀ information see Deleting a Design