Revising a Design

1. To revise a ProtoShare design, edit the Page, Blog post, or Comment where the design appears. In this example we will edit a Page by clicking the Edit button in the top right, next to the Tools menu.

2. Once the editor is opened, you will see a placeholder for each ProtoShare design on the page.

3. Clicking on the placeholder you want to edit to will display a pop-up menu. Clicking the Edit button will open the corresponding design in the ProtoShare editor.

Tip: You can also double-click a placeholder to quickly open it in the ProtoShare editor.

4. After making your desired changes in the ProtoShare editor, click theĀ Save and Close button.

5. The Confluence editor will now show an updated placeholder for your design, with a new version number. Additionally, a new HTML attachment will be uploaded containing your changes, and will appear in the attachments listing for the Page.