1. Before installing the ProtoShare for Confluence add-on, make sure that you are logged in as an administrator and that your Confluence installation meets these requirements:

UPM 2.1.5+
Confluence 4.2 – 5.1+

2. Access the Add-ons manager from the Adminitration menu and choose Find New Add-ons from the left-hand navigation bar.

3. Enter “protoshare” in the search field and hit enter. You should see one matching add-on. NOTE: If you cannot find the add-on via the add-ons manager you can also download it directly from our marketplace page.

4. Choose Buy Now or Free Trial in order to acquire a license and begin using ProtoShare for Confluence! If you are having trouble with the installation process please do not hesitate to contact us.

5. You can easily uninstall or disable the add-on from the Manage Add-ons screen. If you choose to disable the add-on, any macros created by the ProtoShare add-on will no longer be editable or viewable.