Form Field

Form Field Inspector


Create a single-line or multiple-line form field.


A form field creates a text or password field, which you can use in a form.

You can toggle between single-line and multiple-line variations.

On the canvas, you can double-click the component to edit its placeholder text.


Name Description
Placeholder Text Text that appears in the field when there is user-entered text. This is commonly used for instructional text.
Default Value Default text for the field.
Max Length * Maximum number of characters that can be typed into the field. Leave this field blank to allow an unlimited amount of text.
Hide Typing * Whether to mask the text in the field with bullets (•), rather than show the actual characters. This is useful for creating a password-entry field.
Enabled Whether the field is enabled. A disabled field cannot be clicked.
Editable Whether the field is editable. The contents of a read-only field cannot be edited by the user.

* These settings are only available for single-line fields.